Please contact todo(a) if you would like to give a talk in one of the following seminars.

Friday Seminar

Weekly seminar for technical talks, scheduled on Friday 12:15 — 13:15.

2018-08-31Shuige Liu (Waseda University)Directed graphical structure, Nash equilibrium, and potential games
2018-07-06Seiji TakanashiSocial preferences in non-cooperative games
2018-06-01Anisse IsmailiTBA
2018-05-29 (Tue)Anisse IsmailiThe Complexity of Symmetric Student-Project-Resource Allocation
2018-05-11Ilan NehamaAnalyzing Games with Ambiguous Player Types using the MINthenMAX Decision Model (AAMAS-17)

Lunch Seminar

Irregularly scheduled for a bit less formal talks. Usually 12:15 — 12:45.

2018-05-30 12:15--12:45Nathanael BarrotWeakening of Top Responsiveness in Hedonic Games
2018-05-10 12:15--12:45Ayumi IgarashiCooperative Games with Bounded Dependency Degree
2018-04-23 12:15--12:45Seiji TakanashiTBA
2018-04-20 12:15--12:45Ayumi IgarashiTBA